The Bleeding Woman

Twelve long years
You’ve been searching, asking why and how
you arrived at that point of desolation, wondering
“of all people, why me?”
People mock and ridicule you
calling you unclean, bleeding woman–
an outcast.

You have clothed yourself with fear
bathing everyday in shame
completely secluded in
the religious, performance-based society.

Days turned into weeks
and into months
then into years
while you kept asking whether
life would get better again.
It seemed impossible, utterly impossible but
you kept that tiny spark of hope in your heart
that someday, somehow, you will be healed.

You didn’t even learn the art
of having nor keeping friends
because of fear and insecurity that has
crept in your soul and kept you captive
Yet still,

You kept that hope though
you tried to do things on your own thinking
‘You die alone,
they won’t die with you, for you…

In your mind you judge people as selfish
and yourself unworthy
then again,
you kept that hope.

Till one day
You heard about this Man…
They say He’s the Messiah,
He does miracles and has superpowers,
and He heals.

The hope, the spark ignites and your heart’s
leaping, beating like like it never did before
‘Perhaps He’s the One you’ve been waiting for,
the One whom you’ve imagined to bring
the sunshine back to your life
Perhaps you can truly live again
and stop bleeding this time.’

You stepped closer to the crowd though
they were pulling, pushing and squeezing you
It seemed they were impossible to overcome
but they are not as desperate
as you are.

Twelve long years
You only have this moment
you cannot let it pass you by
Hope is now burning within
pulling you closer and closer
to this Man called

Finally, He’s in front of you
You still fear the crowd but
you remembered ‘You die alone’
you thought ‘If I die today, I’ll die in hope
Let shame and fear die with me
for now I’m burning with hope!’

So you run,
and touched His cloak
You are healed.

And you’re delighted to know
that only fear and shame died in your risk!

Finally, the bleeding stops,
your life begins


When you find something worth dying for, you risk your all. No shame nor fear can intimidate you. You become unstoppable. Same passion and love is offered to you by Jesus Christ. He died for you because He desperately wanted you…back to Him. You, yes you, are worth dying for.


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